Comparative tents: American brand – MSR

MSR is a recognized brand in the world of backpacking tent and camping. The American brand offers a large number of models of tents, so we invite you to visit our comparison of Mgr tents that will help you make the right choice between the ultra-light models, the 4 seasons and bivouac shelter. MSR also has a variety of tents prices range from hundred dollars to thousands. (click here for best family camping tents for sale).

Msr is one of the flagship brands of the American group Cascade Design designs and manufactures hiking equipment. Cascade Design Msr, Thermarest, Platypus, PackTowl, etc … Mgr designs of mountain tents have been on the market since 1973. The range is divided into 3 levels:

Hiking tents Experience Series

Tents 3 seasons: light, functional and versatile. These are technical and lightweight tents offering a beautiful living space. Ideal for trekking, camping hiking and traveling.

Models: Freelite 1 Freelite 2 Freelite 3 Carbon Reflex 1 Carbon Reflex 2 Carbon Reflex 3 Hubba NX, Hubba Hubba NX, Mutha Hubba NX, Papa Hubba NX, Hubba HP, Hubba Hubba HP, Mutha Hubba HP, Elixir 2, 3 Elixir, Elixir 4.

All-season tents Explore Series

Emergency shelters and tents 4-season offer a good compromise between strength and living space. Tents 4-season is used all year round and in the worst weather conditions: high mountains and mountaineering. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Models: Fury Stormking, Munro Bothy 2 Munro Bothy 4.

Minimalist shelter Essential Series

Shelter and minimalist tarps are dedicated to backpacking.

Models: net Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 and 3, tarp Thru-Hiker 70, tarp Thru-Hiker 100 tries Flylite, E-Bivy, Ac-Bivy.

Technical Data MSR

Nylon fabric: MSR uses the nylon series and the high tenacity nylon. The high tenacity nylon 66 offers better strength and better UV resistance.

Ripstop nylon: This technique reinforcement makes nylon more robust and tear resistant. The largest wire inserted into the tissue regularly strengthens the finer yarn. This larger wire increases the strength / weight ratio and prevents small tears from spreading.

Number of son: This standard value counts the son of warp and weft per square centimeter of tissue. The number of son also helps determine the relative durability of a fabric.

Denier: linear density of a fiber expresses in grams per 9000 m in length. This can be used to extrapolate the weight, thickness and physical characteristics of a tissue.

Dura-shield: protection of most tents is obtained with a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is excellent for waterproofing, but poor resistance to long-term moisture. The formulation of Dura Shield MSR is especially designed for its waterproof material performance and durability. Testing by MSR has shown that Dura Shield coating lasts twice as long as standard polyurethane coatings.

Silicone DWR: Durable water-repellent coatings silicones offer the best performance with low weight. Silicone coatings prevent tissue absorbing water.

Breathable laminate: 2-layer waterproof. The breathable membrane is bonded to another fabric for strength and durability.

Water column (Schmerber Index): Standardized measuring the impermeability of a fabric. Normally the values indicated in the characteristics of tents indicate the pressure of water from which the water passes through the fabric. This value, expressed in mm, corresponds to the height of a water column placed on the fabric.

Minimum weight (ASTM F 1934-98): total body weight of the tent, the fly (if applicable) and hoops.

Shipping Weight (ASTM F 1934-98): packed tent of weight for retail sale, including the body of the tent, the double roof, arches, and any other items that come with it (stakes, processing sealants seams, shrouds, user manual, storage bag, etc.).

Maximum interior height (ASTM F 1935-01): usable height of a tent, measured from the ground to the highest point of the ceiling using a simple device that simulates the head of an average person.

Usable volume: total value of the space inside a tent. MSR uses near vertical walls, ceilings and large, to create as much living space as possible depending on the ground surface.

Mounting Fast and Light: mount option of a tent with only the fly, masts or poles, and mats. This minimalist mounting allows using the MSR as well as tents ultra light shelter that is as tents for 3 seasons. Hubba Hubba tents also offer a third mounting option, with double roof and masts or poles only.

Stay-Dry door: MSR functionality expects to rule the water entering a tent, preventing drops getting inside the tent. The Stay-Dry doors can remain open in the rain without let water get inside, allowing better ventilation and reduces condensation.

Reinforced stress points: The MSR tents rely on seams stop flange or an extra layer of fabric (sewn or heat-sealed to the main fabric of the tent) to increase the robustness and resistance to abrasion and tear.

Where to buy your Msr tent?

You can find MSR tents easily online, to buy new products with fixed prices, of course, go through and its retail stores system or if you do not want to spend much money on such an item, look for some sale off on Facebook or Instagram.


Benefits of sport for children.

The pathologies derived from sedentary lifestyles and poor nutritional habits such as obesity are increasing. In childhood, obesity can cause diseases such as hypertension or diabetes type II which, in turn, are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. To avoid the child should do sports, it will help to achieve balanced development, for example, the trampoline (pay attention to buy the best trampoline).


Benefits of sport

  • Collaborates in maintaining ideal weight and prevent obesity.
  • Low blood pressure numbers.
  • Prevents elevations of glucose and reduced insulin requirements in diabetics.
  • Raises the level of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers triglycerides.
  • Improves agility, power reflexes, it increases speed and enhances endurance.
  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • By increasing white blood cells in circulation, defends the body against the development of cancer cells and infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression, and increases self-esteem.
  • You can encourage children and adolescents not start in smoking.
  • He teaches to accept the rules, assess fellowship, integrate and take responsibility.
  • Reduces the tendency to develop aggressive attitudes.
  • Stimulates academic achievement.
  • It helps body awareness and care.

What is the ideal exercise?

Fundamentally increase aerobic endurance, improve muscle strength and flexibility, and will not be a musculoskeletal overload to avoid developmental problems. Detail the activities according to age:

  • Up to 8 years: Games, exercises motor skills, coordination and balance exercises and sense of rhythm and space, march, jump, climb, dance.
  • From 8 to 12 years. Exercises that contribute to the overall growth and development, increasing daily activities and developing the main physical qualities (stamina, strength, and flexibility). This period is very good to learn the technique of different sports.
  • Between 12 and 14 years. Increase training technique every sports movement and start some sort of competition to maintain motivation throughout the game.
  • From 14 years. It should start the specialized training, increasing cargo volumes and training in general.

How long should it be?

Research conducted by Dr. John Reilly, a professor at the University of Glasgow and physician Yorkhill Hospital (UK), concluded that the most recommended are daily sessions of at least 60 minutes.

Tips and precautions

  • Before starting any sports medical examination is recommended to evaluate the condition of the child or adolescent.
  • If the child or adolescent is involved in a competitive sport, the medical examination should be annual and conducted by specialists in sports medicine.
  • Sports that require excessive use of physical force should be excluded.
  • Exercise should always start moderately, to intensify gradually.
  • They must be hydrated before, during and after sports.
  • Changes in attitude towards a routine physical activity (more fatigue, increased dyspnea or any abnormality) should be consulted with the doctor.
  • Long distance races are not recommended before maturity.
  • Obese must make a specific training plan before integrating them into competitive sports.
  • Teens should get high competitive sports not too demanding to meet their harmonious muscle development.

Contraindications of sport

Kidney, liver, lung, adrenal and heart failure; acute infectious diseases while they last; chronic infectious diseases; uncontrolled metabolic diseases; hypertension organic base; inflammations of the musculoskeletal system; diseases associated with muscle fatigue and asthenia or which disrupt the balance or dizziness occur.

Children and sports: Tips to keep them motivated

The benefits of physical activity are numerous, both adults and children. Although at first, the benefits that come to our mind are physical, such as avoiding obesity, develop healthy habits, etc., we often forget that sport helps build the personality of children. The commitment, discipline, leadership and a concept of healthy competitiveness are some of the important skills that children develop in a healthy sport.

Below, we share with you 10 tips to keep children motivated in sport:

1. Know your goals and objectives: Many times we make the mistake of imposing goals to our children and they end up playing a sport to meet their parents and not for fun. It is important to know what the objectives and goals that the child wants to settle and work to achieve them are.
2. It is enthusiastic: Smile! Listen to the child and interacts with it.
3. When does something well, compleméntalo: during training or competition (whether to participate in) watch it and, when he does well, compleméntalo for it and encourages such actions.
4. Let them make decisions: Include them in decision making makes them take responsibility for their actions.
5. Encourages the effort rather than victory: phrases like “salt to win” may send the wrong messages. Remind them to always give the best and that, whatever happens, you will always be proud.
6. Share your stories: Tell us about your victories but also about your defeats and failures and how you managed to get over and move on.
7. Build the character: You’re a role model. Teach him manners and competitive attitudes that can help in both sport and in everyday life.
8. Use mistakes as a learning tool: it is important that they know that both in life and in sport, there will be difficult times but they will be temporary. Teach them tools to cope.
9. Be a role model: If you have experience in the sport, you transmíteles your technical knowledge of the sport.
10. First of all, fun: Keep this in mind. The important thing is to have fun doing the activity.



The offer of mountain bike brands is large and not every bike brand offers the same quality at the same price. Basically, you can divide mountain bike in three different categories: Mountain bike of brands in the higher segment are often expensive mountain bikes. Mountain bike of brands in the middle segment are mountain bikes whose quality and price are in the middle. And mountain bikes in the lower segment. These mountain bike brands are often less well known and its quality and price is just slightly less. In this article, we will focus on the first two segment.

Mountain bike brands in the upper segment


Buy for yourself a Specialized bike of top quality. American Specialized brand is known for its large and high-quality product range. Hardtail, full suspension, enduro or downhill bikes….Specialized has it all. Especially the fine geometry, high outstanding features and sleek designs that create Specialized bikes is favored by many bikers.


Like Specialized, Cannondale offers a wide range of mountain bikes. The best known of Cannondale is Lefty forks. This Cannondale bike has revolutionized the field of forks. In addition, the sleek design and comfort of these bikes is of very high quality.


Personally, I think Niner develop terms desing, geometry and looks the most beautiful of the moment. Niner bikes are a feast for the eyes. In addition, the driving and steering of these bikes is praised in many test. However, you will have to dig deep into pockets to buy a Niner.


Gary Fisher and founder of mountain biking is the man behind this brand. Trek is known for its high quality bikes and their sleek design. In addition, a Trek performs a wide range of mountain bikes, as well as fully hardtail’s.


Scott was the first which came on the market with a revolutionary of 27.5 mountain bike. In addition, Scott is, of course, represented by one of the best mountianbikers in the world today such as Nino Schurter – The Swiss who is currently doing so incredibly well in the World Cup month battle. These bikes have tight cycling with a very fine and delicate handling.


This brand has had a time out of the picture, but now the brand is back. Famous Dutch bikers Henk Jaap Moorlag and Marianne Vos drive their matches on Giant bikes. Many users ensures that this is the top mountain bike brands.

Mountain bike brands in the middle segment


The German Cube is a popular brand among many mountain bikers. Cube is characterized by its high quality, nice equipment, clean design and looks and his fine geometry. Do you want fine quality without having to pay too much, Cube is what you need.


The Dutch brand Sensa offers mountain bikes of Cube-alike-quality at an attractive price.


The German brand Bulls offers bikes that fit into both the upper and middle segment. In terms of price, Bulls fits in the middle segment. In short, a Bulls bike is of top quality, with middle price.
But how do you determine which bike brand is right for you? Of course this has to do with taste but in addition there are many more differences between naming brand mountain bike. These differences can be found among others reflected in the price, as well as its handling and outstanding features.

It is difficult to say what is the best choice for you. Each brand has specific characteristics and properties. If you mainly adheres to a perfect finish and state of the art frame, then you tend to look at the well-known brands. In addition, you can get the final assembly in time, of course, adjusted to your preference. When you are looking for a decent bike with a balance outstanding features at a reasonable price, then you can choose one from the new brands.

The main booschap we want to give here is that a more expensive bike is not necessarily better. As you can see, the choice of a particular brand highly depends on your needs

Especially Bulls and Cube are known for their good value (very nice equipment, good fork, etc.) at a relatively low price. A mountain bike brand like Cannondale and Specialized is a lot higher.


A quest longboard in dream.

Choosing a quest longboard can be difficult. There is so much choice and everybody has an opinion about what is good for them. If you have some information about the properties of using the different basic models, there will be a lot of boards for you to lose choose and the choice is actually pretty easy.

The shape of the deck.

If you walk in a longboard shop, you’ll see a lot of different longboard brands inside. With a few exceptions such as real race downhill boards, there are really only four basic types of decks.


A pintail is a classic all-round board. It is often narrower and perfect for cruising and carving.

These are basically mini longboards. A larger truck than a skate deck, nice rolling wheels and often a kick tail. Perfect to bring or take to school. Perhaps this is also a crossover between skateboarding and longboarding.

Downhill Boards:

With downhills boards, you can go as low as possible to the ground. These boards often have a ‘drop’ truck. The board is not on the trucks as usual, but hangs below.

The ‘normal’ longboard:

Quest longboards that are derived from the pintail, but with a somewhat fuller nose and a wider tail and often also a kick tail. You can see these boards very much. Perhaps because they are all-round. The length can be great and they are very stable at high speeds. Concave, kicktail, camber and flex, flat deck.

Do you have finally chosen your basic shape. You’re not there yet, because you’ve also got kick tail, concave, camber and flex.


You trucks bending a bit along with your board, making them screw further. The energy of the flex can also be used to carving. The disadvantage of flex is that your board is unstable and restless, so it is not really suitable to begin with.

Kick Tail:

A kick tail is actually the tail as you see on a regular skate deck. A little kick tail makes the board more all-round.


Concave is the lateral curve of your deck. Most boards do have a little concave. Concave makes the board more rigid. A longer board with concave can also be made of thinner wood, without getting too much flex. Slightly concave also ensures that you have more feeling in corner entry.

Board with slight concave


Camber is length curve of your deck. A deck is often slightly curved, which provides a board more resilience (rebound). A board with camber is more playful. A real example pintail is made purely for (long distances) and is often just flat.

Trucks, wheels, kingpin, bushings and wheel bite.


Trucks choice are actually very simple, a large truck is more stable at speed and a small truck is sharper. Standard sizes for longboards are 150 or 180mm.

Bushing and kingpin:

Bushings are the rubbers between your vehicle and the kingpin is the large bolt through your truck pointing diagonally to the ground. Bushings and kingpin angles are a story in themselves, but choose it boils down here just for default unless you absolutely have specific requirements.


Bearings can spend a lot of money, but more expensive one is not always better. Bearings are classified into ABEC Class 1 . The higher the class, the less space it lower. That sounds good, but ABEC only says something about the play of a new bearing and not about how long it will last. Skate not only on asphalt will lower the average ABEC 9 after a few skating as good or bad as you ABEC 5 lower.

Small wheels, big wheels and durometer.

Decks have a lot of different wheels. Big wheels roll better and be more relaxed if the surface is not quite flat. Small wheels are more maneuverable. 68 or 70 mm is fairly standard wheels among a longboard.

Durometer says something about the hardness of your wheels. 75a is soft and comfortable and 90a is very hard and fast. For all-round use, you can choose the best for anything between 78a and 82a. An exception is if you want sliding.

Furthermore, there are a few basic things.

– If you have not much experience, do not look too much into extremes.

– Personally I believe that the board simply must be very beautiful, but do not do too much emphasis on a brand or a print.


Sometimes it is useful to first try boards before making your choice. When you are in a board store, there are more than 20 different boards to test, so you may personally try out what suits you.



Hunting boots buying tips

Hiking, mountaineering, and especially hunting should not do without having at least one pair of boots, first level particularly suitable for the most restless adventurers.

In the market, you can find an extensive range of boots, so that consumers who have in mind to acquire this type of boots for your escapades and excursions should know that the range of possibilities offered by the market is very extensive and varied. Boots are a classic that never disappoint.

Hunting boots are characterized as ideal for those wishing to venture into the countryside and enjoy a comfortable, waterproof and breathable footwear with which to walk for hours without resenting our feet.

Throughout this comprehensive guide to these boots you will find three useful sections to help you choose the best hunting boots that are most suitable for you:


If you’re thinking of buying or change your boots for hiking or mountain climbing, ideally you probably go for one of the models of cheap boots for sale on the market because there are many advantages offered by these great boots.

As mentioned, the hunting boots are characterized by being breathable, waterproof, comfortable, durable and easy to clean. No doubt they are a safe bet for all those who enjoy the nature and often want to have the best equipment.

With each break, with each adventure, it is key to have everything well prepared, especially footwear, as it is one of the most important elements to consider. The important thing is to choose one model that best suits you.

To avoid errors in the election, we offer a small list that includes some of the main recommendations should consider before buying your boots:

  • Opt for a design and aesthetic that you really like and attract
  • Choose only one model that you truly comfortable with, because these boots will become your fellow adventurers
  • Although within the range of several prices Chiruca boots, do not be guided solely by this and always choose the one most comfortable for you model
  • It is key that the boots will prove flexible and light, avoiding those models you find them heavy, as you will walk many hours with them
  • Although the range of hunting boots is truly huge, not all models will you like a glove to a hand, so that always bet that model that best fits your foot.



If you love natural areas and looking for the right horse riding for all your travels,during your adventures, have an adequate footwear is essential to care for your feet.

These hunting boots are the perfect allies to get into nature, as they will ensure comfort, flexibility and strength compared to other hiking and mountaineering boots market.

You should know that the hunting boots offer a number of features that should take into account features that allow you to enjoy a shoe adapted to your needs, tailored to you. Among the general characteristics to consider can be highlighted:

  • Impermeability: A good hunting boots should be waterproof, a key feature for your adventures (cross rivers, stepping puddles, walking on wet surfaces, etc.). In this way, you make sure to enjoy some dry feet at all times.
  • Ideally, all hunting boot provided a layer, a membrane, and a Gore-Tex lining to allow the impermeability of your shoes. Gore-Tex lining will allow maximum breathability, preventing moisture inside.
  • Breathable: It is essential to have boots that let your feet perspire so that both heat and humidity do not build up inside and can be easily removed. So always keep your feet fresh.
  • Comfort and flexibility: There is no doubt that above all Chiruca your hiking boots and / or hiking should resultant comfortable and flexible at all times, as you will walk for hours with them.
  • A shoe that at all temperatures and land could generate injuries or blisters on the feet that can be very painful and annoying not fit. Do not let the wrong shoes can ruin your adventures take.
  • Lightness: Opt for a shoe too heavy for you will only hinder your walks and endanger your experience in nature. Do not opt for a shoe that is too heavy and you choose a lightweight model.
  • Size: Choose your number perfectly and avoid opting for smaller or larger numbers to your usual number, as it is key to a good foot at all times.
  • Cushioning: It is key that your boots model available shock absorption, because as is obvious different terrains and go over your footsteps will be of different intensities.
  • Sole: As is obvious, the soles of your boots should offer resistance, durability and perfect grip on any terrain, avoiding places you can slip wetlands or wet before.



Coleman tent: cheap camping tent to choose

Coleman Products Inc. is a company founded in 1995 which main activity is the distribution and marketing of products from Coleman, Campingaz and Sevylor brand in Spain and Portugal. It all began in 1900. William C. Coleman Young raised funds and completed the last year of law school and began selling lamps, before settling in what is now Kingfisher, Oklahoma, the United States. As he had vision problems, some of his comrades had read his exams, until he found in the window of a pharmacy in Alabama, a lamp that changed the course of his life. With this light, he could read tiny letters printed on the medicine boxes. Today, the Campingaz brand is present on the market for over 60 years, enjoying a significant reputation. Camping equipment and Coleman equipment is characterized for being very light, innovative and reliable and cheap camping tent. It is intended for all adventure sports. The Coleman tent is known and appreciated for many years in the world of camping.

Features camping tents and Coleman tent

A campaign tent is a small portable home of Arab, to be placed on land to accommodate one or more persons. A campsite is a place where several tents are installed with other facilitated for the accommodation of persons. The action set up a tent to stay a while is called camping. Usually, we camp or you go camping for several reasons: the night, resting, feeding, shelter or natural elements as a meeting place, among others.

Coleman tent camping equipment specialist

There are several types of tents. We can distinguish those 2 sides: the geometry is simple; they have two walls, one front and one rear, that front views form an isosceles triangle with the ground. They bear the name of Canada because they were made famous by the Canadian army. The most common are hexagonal or igloo, they look like a hemisphere. And finally, the rectangular ones which are generally larger and are equipped with a roof 2 slopes to prevent accumulation of rain. The features to consider when choosing a camping tent are: the ability of people, how much and what seasons, easy assembly and disassembly, geometry, portability (weight and volume) price. Here are some of the items offered by the Coleman brand as the best cheap camping tents for sale.:

Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 4

This tent is excellent, very quick and easy to erect and very spacious.


Product Code:A305310

Mark: Coleman

Dimensions:480 x 315 x 217 cm

material: Roof: Polyester 185 T, PU coated 4000 mm.

Room: Breathable polyester

Floor: PE 140g / m² PE 110g / m².

Poles: steel.

specifications: Rooms: 2x (215 x 140 x 205) cm.

Package size: 80 x Ø 43 cm.

Weight: 25 kg.

Coleman Tent Weekend 2

Quick and easy to assemble, the tent Weekend 2 Coleman is perfect for going out for camping and for campers who want to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the sun, the domed tent 2 spot Weekend Coleman offers a comfortable space with a large interior height.

For this tent, Weekend 2 COLEMAN selected to a dome structure for quick and easy installation and taking up minimal space a, that the grand ideal weekend as a campground in small hike.

Specifications of the tent camping Weekend 2 by COLEMAN:

– Shell: Polyester ultra-resistant to water column 2000mm PU coating and UV coating

– Welded Couture accolades for maximum tightness

– Fabric inside the chamber part (rainfly): Polyester breathable equipped with mosquito net

– Floor: PE 120 g / m2 resistant 5000 mm water column, ultra-tight undeniable advantage the ultra solid mat by Coleman, not afraid mounting the tent on hard surface and reassembled avoided any water in the tent

– Reinforcement of the tent: Fiberglass sheathed, aluminum junctions

– Dimensions folded in carrying bag: 13 x 55 cm

– Dimensions of the tent Indoor 2.3 m², 0.8 m² storage

– Weight: 2.7 Kg

– Delaying combustion in case of fire

– Complete Tent supplied with carrying bag and accessories

All of those tents which are recommended above have a reasonable price ( one is more than 300 euros for a large and modern and the other is only 60 euros ). Moreover, you will find a full range to find a Coleman tent and canopies and party tents. Enjoy cheap camping tent with a good quality offered by Coleman!



In my city, I take very little public transport. Except to go to go to the four corners of the city, the rest of the time I travel mostly by bike or skate. Let’s talk about skateboarding. I crossed quite a few in the streets, and yet it’s pretty awesome to get around. I give you some tips on riding in longboard.

1. What skate choose?

Already, the first step is to choose the skate you want. From my side, I have a cruiser + a longboard. You are free to choose what you want depending on what you want to do.

A classic skate: the one you had in college, not ideal for the remote, but accessible and solid. This is the easiest but not the most original option. Those at Cliché are a good reference, and other trademarks are numerous.

A cruiser: it is the mini-skates you can see passing from time to time in the capital. Much shorter than a normal skateboard, usually made of plastic and of all colors, it is the trendy option.

A longboard: the California version of the skate is clearly the best for some distance and start to have fun on his board. Prices start to climb, but it is a pure pleasure. Those are affordable and of good quality.

A craft skate: last option, the more hipsters and more refined, the craft skate, different from what you can find elsewhere. We still find very little in France, and I would advise these bamboo longboards in the Shape that are simply beautiful. I have not yet had the chance to test them, but no doubt that the quality is at the rendezvous.

2. Bearings

At the compliant bearing type, all types of bearings 608 (8 denoting the diameter in millimeters of the axis of the wheel) fit. Another standard, the standard ABEC, from 1 to 9, the higher the number, the higher the turnover will be faster, but also more fragile, so opt for a rolling ABEC 5 or 7 bearings. Some brands do not use the standard ABEC, that’s not why they’re so good (the Arbor longboards, for example, is one of the best brands). Bearings converse if you want to keep them a bit, so rub the outer surface of the bearing with a cloth or handkerchief to raise dust and dry when you roll into the water. This is the minimum you can do without disassembly.


3. Where to go riding?

Ah, the big question. But where can we go to Paris skater in the middle of the crowded streets, traffic jams, pavers, buses, and taxis? Do not worry. You can always find good spots.

On your usual route, the first place to ride, this is where you are and the path you take every day. Consider yourself a bike and ride as is: on bike lanes when there, on the road when there is none.

4. What is made of connected objects and apps?

Did you really think I was going to manage to publish an article without talking about technology, app or connected objects? It missed. The good news is that skateboarding is not an orphan technology, and that’s good. I make a list of different things that can revolutionize your wrinkles.

The most innovative option: Krak. If we had to choose only one, here is the most comprehensive digital experience around the skate. Krak is a sensor connected to put on your skate that syncs with an app to save your wrinkles, your tricks and all your passion for skateboarding. It’s also a social networking skater, a monthly box of accessories, magazine, etc. A real success. You can also follow the very talented @ K7vin on Twitter who is its founder.

Other connected and apps dedicated object (s) to skate: to be a bit more extensive on the subject, you can also take a look at Bolt (electric skateboard and connected), but also Syrmo (a motion sensor for skateboard) or in Marbel (another futuristic skateboard). Also, look for the Onflow (a kind of Vine for skateboarding).

If you have other spots where the rider and other innovations / apps dedicated to skate, feel free in the comments! :)



Good balance, good body control, and persistence are key ingredients to choose your longboard. Although the aesthetics and design of your longboard are important points to consider, it should be noted that there are much more other priorities when buying a longboard. Determine the use to which you will give the longboard is vital to all.

Beginners in this activity can be carried away by the temptation of the patterns and colors of the table:

Big mistake. In this guide, we focus on general recommendations and offer advice when buying one of the cheap longboards in the market.

Throughout this guide you will find two useful sections that will help you choose the one most suitable model longboard to your needs:

  • Before buying a longboard: Key Tips Comparison of brands and prices longboards Do not stop reading this guide!


Tired of boring activities without emotion? You are looking for something new: inducements and

adrenaline pumping? Whether you want to get started in the longboard as if you want to replace your

old board by a new one, you have to be careful when buying a cheap longboard.

If you have in mind a longboard you have to be aware that there are many aspects to consider before

making a particular decision. With a style inspired by surfing, longboard is a perfect activity for those

people who love to slide down steep hills.

If you want to succeed in the election of your longboard, it is important that you consider some key

aspects, and not focus solely on aesthetics and design of your board:

  • Determine which style or mode you want to practice (cruising, freeride, carving ordownhill)
  • Opt for tables with a size of 46 inches if your mind wandering steep slope, whereas if youonly go flat terrain choose a table 40 inches
  • Choose the wheels of your table according to your needs. Choose 65mm wheels for greatergrip and 70mm wheels to increase the speed capability
  • Take into consideration your weight when choosing your table, because otherwise it couldoverload
  • If you have the chance, choose a table made of carbon fiber, as it allows greater flexibilityover long distances

Choose a longboard is not as they say breeze, as there are many alternatives at your fingertips for sale on the market.


This sport comes from the United States, California, where surfers began using this type of board to go from side to side of the bowl. Currently, this sport takes place on the streets, in the city, as well as paved roads and slopes.

The longboard must be chosen carefully, always opt for a model that is practical, quick and convenient.

This exciting activity has become stomping, after spending a few years somewhat forgotten.

When choosing a cheap longboard for sale on the market, there are some keys to consider and some

technical considerations. Those characteristics that can clearly make the difference between a table and

another. Takes note of them:

Style / type

Depending on the mode you go to practice with your board, you must choose between a longboard model or another, may find the following types:

  • Cruising: These tables are comfortable, small and easy to carry when you are not abovethem. Its main use is to move from one place to another.
  • Free-ride: offers a similar style snowboards. With this table, you may make skids duringdriving downhill
  • Carving: Another table style for longboard is the carving, a modality that is based on makingwide curves down, walking on the table, etc.
  • Downhill: Finally, you can find the tables particularly suitable for downhill style, whosemission is to try to make you down as fast


Ideally, choose a longboard with wheels that are soft because thus you will get a better absorption of those irregularities or small obstacles you may encounter in the field.

On the other hand, a hard wheel is faster and resistant. Most wheels are between 70A (softer) and 88A (harder), but may be ranging from 65A up to 100th. We can say that:

  • Below 80A: They are soft wheels, the standard model for the practice of cruising
  • Above 80A: They are hard wheels, used for slip and fall The diameters vary between 60 mm and 130 mm, although the most common to find are those ranging between 60 and 70 mm. The lower the wheel, the better the workability and accessibility and the more stable.



Renovation of the house: overview and cost (Part 1)

A renovation of your home increases the enjoyment. Let the value of your home rise and increase your

living space. A renovation, however, require a significant investment, so that an informed decision and

expert advice is wise. Let you well informed and see what your individual potential. This article describes

the different stages in the decision-making and the process by a roof / floor for a family house with a flat

roof. If you are going to renovate your old house, do not miss those tips below.

The plan, idea or need to remodel the house

When purchasing a house you are often limited by financial and planning opportunities that exist at a

given time or funds. Purchase of a new home that is within your budget often takes a lot of tender. This

allows you to quickly have a property that does not quite agree to your wishes and meets requirements.

For example when growing children, greater financial resources is needed (equity in your house), so that

to remain nurture the desire in your familiar environment the need to carry out a renovation is a must.

The idea was born!

The orientation prior to the conversion of the dwelling

The financial possibilities – the increase in the mortgage

The biggest stumbling block will often have the finances. To leverage the value of your home, what will

you do? You will increase your mortgage, use your own funds or you find a person granting the security?

At least, ask for advice from a competent person and consider the consequences of conversion carefully.

The financial or mortgage options are available, then you probably can put the most important step.

What do you have in mind with the conversion of the dwelling

Try to get an idea for yourself of what your demands on the house enlargement. Create your design for

one or more bedrooms, it is an independent living space for your growing children, or a hobby room.

The future role and use of the additional living space provides an additional current group is necessary:

pipes for hot and cold water must be drawn, television and Internet connections must be present, or the

capacity of CV sufficiently and so on. Also take into consideration the future maintenance. Are you busy, or

you lack of time, opt for low-maintenance materials such as plastic frames. Consider also to determine

what you possibly can do by yourself professionally at the finish, so you can save on this cost.

Architect and design of the renovation

If all previous cases are completed, there will be a building plan and building permit from the municipality which must be submitted. Consider the floor plan, for forward to the municipal, carefully whether it matches your needs and what has been agreed with the contractor. Any changes / modifications can be incorporated easily at this stage. On the basis of the submitted by the architect blueprint, the church (Review Committee) examines the application, checks whether the application fits into the zoning, and gives its approval. A publication of the proposed conversion follows which is made by the public. Over a period of several weeks is needed to object the plans filed. The following are official permission that is needed for the final construction start!

Overall cost of the renovation

The costs are largely dependent on the extent of the renovations, the materials used and the ability / skills of yourself to perform professionally work. The cost per region will also vary, the costs (wages) in the center and west of the country are likely to be highest.

Below cost is a design / additional floor with an usable interior space of approximately 36 m2 (6.90 x 5.25 meters). An indication of costs, I propose again, as I witnessed during the preliminary phase there are few figures are available, other than getting a quote from the contractor (s).

Indicative costs remodeling: € 50,000, including VAT, of which: architect drawing and planning application € 1,900 site cost € 900 Preparatory work € 2400 Structural carpentry € 27,000 roofing and drainage € 6,200 frames, windows and doors € 5,000

Apply screed € 1,200 plastering work ceiling and walls € 2,200 electricity including two additional groups € 1,200

Other costs € 2,000 Count on furnishing / decoration costs at between 3,000 and 5,000 euros, depending on the intended use.

Examples include:



window coverings

wall finishes

paint products

kitchen / pantry


Removing residual wallpaper glue on a wall

To edit a wall again, for example by applying plaster or stucco on, it is necessary to start with a good wall. There must be no residues of other finishes on the wall, such as for example residues of wallpaper glue. The wallpaper glue itself leaves a lot of residue when removing wallpaper. In this article, I will give you tips to remove residual wallpaper glue on a wall.

Disconnect wallpaper

Loosening wallpaper is often a relatively easy job. It often suffices to release the wallpaper by steam

with an appropriate device. In many cases, leaves wallpaper simply loose and it is often only the edges

of the wallpaper that might be more difficult to remove, in many cases, because of the wallpaper is

around a plinth. If the wallpaper has been removed in this method, however, there will always be a

residue on the wall. This residue is wallpaper glue, which after steaming is still sticky. If nothing is done

with the wallpaper paste, it dries itself up again, but the remnants of wallpaper glue is not a good basis

for further processing of the wall.

Risk when leave residues of wallpaper glue

The risk with the leave of old wallpaper glue with a new finish is that the adhesive is visible. This occurs

in places where many wallpaper glue is. It is therefore important to remove all the wallpaper glue,

before it is selected for a different finish. This is to prevent any extra work afterwards.

Finding residues of old wallpaper glue

One of the simplest ways is to discover the wallpaper glue right after the removal of the old wallpaper.

Removal of old wallpaper is often done by means of a steam device which makes the wallpaper glue is

wet. After removal of the old ưallpaper, there is also often notice that the wall feels sticky; these are the

places where wallpaper paste is on it. As wallpaper glue is wet, it is sticky. Therefore wet wall with for

example with a spray bottle or with a sponge, and then wait a few minutes. If the surface is sticky, then,

there is wallpaper glue.

The removal of wallpaper glue residue with water and a sponge

The easiest and least invasive way to remove wallpaper glue residues is to thoroughly wet the surface

and then remove the wallpaper paste using a sponge. It is easiest to do it on the entire wet wall to use

for instance a good wet sponge and then subsequently every few minutes even with a spray bottle to

wet the surface. Keep the wall wet about an hour. This is necessary to ensure that water penetrates well

into the wallpaper and glue. After about an hour we can assume that the water is well everywhere

pêntrated on the wall and use a sponge to well scrub. This will wipe off the wallpaper paste on the wall.

Make sure that the water with wallpaper glue does not contaminate the carpet or laminate. In

particular, in floor coverings, it is very difficult to remove wallpaper paste.

Checking the wall remains

Check if the wall is still sticky. If not, the wallpaper glue is properly removed. If the wall it still feels

sticky, the appointed way to remove the wallpaper glue be repeated. Sometimes it can cost twice to

properly remove the wallpaper glue.

Removing wallpaper paste by grinding

If it is not possible to remove wallpaper adhesive in the above-mentioned way, you can also use the

sandpaper. This method is somewhat more stringent than wetting and wiping the wallpaper paste, but

there are situations where this is still a good alternative. If you are working on a relatively rough wall,

where already some imperfections should be sanded, it would only mean extra work in advance to

remove the wallpaper glue using water. In such cases, it may simply be sanded wallpaper glue with a

slightly coarser grain. Should there be sanded only slightly, it is also necessary in this way afterwards just

to check if the wallpaper glue is actually gone. Also in this case, it can be done by making the wall as wet

as possible to see if there is still a sticky substance is present on the wall. Otherwise, the wallpaper

adhesive has been removed successfully.

If pickup is not possible

If the pick-up of old wallpaper glue by means of sanding is also not possible, it is also possible to apply

wallpaper to go back over the wall. To do this, using fiberglass wallpaper, it is still possible for a texture,

or just no texture, choose the wall and then simply paint over. In the application of glass-fiber wallpaper,

it is important that the respective wall has no unevenness, such as unevenness by continue to shine in

the new wallpaper.


Outdoor activities: Running – Improve your running technique runs at 180 steps per minute

By popular request we will conduct a series of articles in an attempt to improve running technique. We

will be putting simple exercises, training methods and tips as we bring you today, a matter of timing:

running at 180 steps per minute.

You do not have to run so present this parameter cadence, or steps per minute, but the truth is that it is

important because it affects a lot of running technique and efficiency. A greater number of steps less

stride length and vice versa, which has interesting implications in the race, so everyone should find its

optimal rate which becomes more comfortable.

Try running at 180 steps per minute

The first time I read about the pace in the race I did not hesitate to do the experiment, which I highly

recommend. I went for a run when carrying 2.3 kilometers and counted the number of steps being taken

in a minute at my own pace. In literature they warn that the popular runner usually has a rate of 160-

170 steps per minute, and no mistake, mine was 160, which is considered low.

Then I forced my pace and I started to run to 180 steps per minute. At first it’s a strange feeling, like

being giving many small steps and be inefficient. I thought the rate was high but nit was only 179 steps

in a minute.

So I had been running from 160 to 180, making it 20 minutes more steps, something that is noticeable

and affects the way I run. Give step does not necessarily go faster, everything depends on the pace that

we want to impose. Over time I got used to run the cadence and I must say that the results surprised

me: improved pulsations, improved cruising speed and less muscle soreness.

The implications of running at 180 steps per minute

When you run, most often stride at 180 steps per minute, as we said at the start, stride happens to have

shorter, which means that less force is generated by support, which is important to delay fatigue and

protect injuries periostitis type or microtrauma.

Being the shortest distance support falls more effectively under the center of gravity (below the hip)

which is more ergonomic and economical for the race. One of the most common mistakes brokers

(myself included) is making an overly long stride where support falls in front of the center of gravity,

which makes us stressed accelerations and decelerations, which consumes a lot of energy step by step.

In my case, at this point, it was noted that I realized that over the kilometer heavy legs and fatigue were

somewhat lower.

Another implication of running at higher rate is to reduce the small jumps that is given in the running

with long strides. Our intention is always running forward, all that is left for us to go up speed and

efficiency. As we have said, by requiring fewer impulse stride, it avoid unnecessary oscillations of the

center of gravity up and down, that all he does is eat us energy to get on and off when we want to just

go forward.

Varying our cadence of steps to improve technical

At first it is more a matter of awareness, know that we have to decrease stride length and increase the

frequency. At the beginning, if you are not used to or it is too difficult for us, we can do small runs of

100-200 meters focusing on them more. With time and patience we will not pay attention anymore and

acquire the cadence pattern.

It is curious that the optimal cadence cycling is also similar, but that do have greater ability to see in real

time because there speedometers that give us the information. But current and heart rate monitors and

accelerometers that are used to run did not make a step count when I guess it would be difficult to implement.

Until then only the direct method we have, going telling us the steps we take every minute, we can

shorten it by the rule of three to 60 steps in 20 seconds. You will definitely advise you, Take seriously the

issue of Cadence, especially if you want to improve your times and running technique eventually helps a

lot to make the way we run more efficent.


Renovation of the house – Overview and costs (Part 2)

The offer – the choice of the contractor – construction company

Invite two or three contractors to make an offer. On the basis of talking, expressing opinions and ideas

you get yourself an idea of the ability of the contractor. Create your own specific wishes depending on

the function that the area has to receive proper and watch and listen how this is handled. Perhaps,

there are many people who have experience with a particular contractor. Ask them for advice and / or

any existing building plan if they have had a similar conversion.

Put the quotes from various contractors together, look at the materials to be used, the planned

execution of the work, possibly more work, warranty (construction guarantees) and not least …. the

(fixed) price or contract price!

Consider carefully before you put the signature under the contract and grant contract for the execution

of the renovation that all comments and / or supplements that you are in the first tender had any

doubts have regard to the implementation, clarity, and are revised as necessary. Do not settle for “that’s

okay”. Finally, you talk about an investment of 30.000 or 50.000 Euro. Simple adjustments are made

mostly still during the construction or completion, without leading to significant cost increases.

If financing is not still around, let the tender to include a clause “subject to achieving funding / increase

in mortgage”, so you will not be faced with unnecessary costs if you do not get the financing and the

case of the construction must be canceled. It is not uncommon that there are charges for the preparation of the tender that will be charged, which will then be deducted from the award of the contract on the construction costs.

Adaptation of the mortgage at the bank

Before the bank agrees to raise the mortgage, there will first be a review of the (joint) income, to determine whether

the new mortgage that arise is realistic and whether you can pay back. There will be made an appraisal

of your home in the current state, plus an assessment of the proposed transformation and the estimated value of the house after the renovation.

Provided the second mortgage, the loan amount is deposited into a construction depot. From the construction depot that only lasts for a certain period of time may raise the construction costs by the cost of any device used. In principle, the construction depot -until the time of finish- can be cost-neutral.

This means that you have to pay interest on the additional loan amount which is equal to the interest payment that is given on those who (still) is standing in the depot building.

Mortgage and Notary

The mortgage deed -to measure renewed mortgage / loan data is mentioned- pass at the notary deed.

Go, or let ‘shopping’ to negotiate a competitive rate for the services of a notary grant. This can save

hundreds of euros soon. Keep any letters carefully; namely it involves expenses that can be deducted for

the most part for income and therefore could lead to tax refunds. This also applies to the previously

reported charge for this report.

The period of the building

Before starting the renovation it is so neat to make sure that the neighbors are aware of the planned

activities. Often a scaffolding will be necessary and there will be a work stand, rubbish containers and a

mobile toilet that is placed, the detriment of parking nearby or probably some inconvenience.

Try to record the progress of the renovations on photos so you are aware of the applied construction

and materials used,electricity pipes, heating pipes, water pipes etc.

Are you of the above matters on the pitch, then you have here in the future -at any adjustments and / or

assembly of certain business benefit.

A major renovation will soon take 3 to 6 weeks. During the construction period, there will be possible

demolition, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, heating engineers, roofers, plasterers and painters that

need time to do their own thing.

Have completed the work, find a final acceptance by the contractor instead. With this delivery, matters discussed to be possibly is still adjusted or improved. If everything is in order, then the last signature is ready to put thing into operation!

Good luck!