The offer of mountain bike brands is large and not every bike brand offers the same quality at the same price. Basically, you can divide mountain bike in three different categories: Mountain bike of brands in the higher segment are often expensive mountain bikes. Mountain bike of brands in the middle segment are mountain bikes whose quality and price are in the middle. And mountain bikes in the lower segment. These mountain bike brands are often less well known and its quality and price is just slightly less. In this article, we will focus on the first two segment.

Mountain bike brands in the upper segment


Buy for yourself a Specialized bike of top quality. American Specialized brand is known for its large and high-quality product range. Hardtail, full suspension, enduro or downhill bikes….Specialized has it all. Especially the fine geometry, high outstanding features and sleek designs that create Specialized bikes is favored by many bikers.


Like Specialized, Cannondale offers a wide range of mountain bikes. The best known of Cannondale is Lefty forks. This Cannondale bike has revolutionized the field of forks. In addition, the sleek design and comfort of these bikes is of very high quality.


Personally, I think Niner develop terms desing, geometry and looks the most beautiful of the moment. Niner bikes are a feast for the eyes. In addition, the driving and steering of these bikes is praised in many test. However, you will have to dig deep into pockets to buy a Niner.


Gary Fisher and founder of mountain biking is the man behind this brand. Trek is known for its high quality bikes and their sleek design. In addition, a Trek performs a wide range of mountain bikes, as well as fully hardtail’s.


Scott was the first which came on the market with a revolutionary of 27.5 mountain bike. In addition, Scott is, of course, represented by one of the best mountianbikers in the world today such as Nino Schurter – The Swiss who is currently doing so incredibly well in the World Cup month battle. These bikes have tight cycling with a very fine and delicate handling.


This brand has had a time out of the picture, but now the brand is back. Famous Dutch bikers Henk Jaap Moorlag and Marianne Vos drive their matches on Giant bikes. Many users ensures that this is the top mountain bike brands.

Mountain bike brands in the middle segment


The German Cube is a popular brand among many mountain bikers. Cube is characterized by its high quality, nice equipment, clean design and looks and his fine geometry. Do you want fine quality without having to pay too much, Cube is what you need.


The Dutch brand Sensa offers mountain bikes of Cube-alike-quality at an attractive price.


The German brand Bulls offers bikes that fit into both the upper and middle segment. In terms of price, Bulls fits in the middle segment. In short, a Bulls bike is of top quality, with middle price.
But how do you determine which bike brand is right for you? Of course this has to do with taste but in addition there are many more differences between naming brand mountain bike. These differences can be found among others reflected in the price, as well as its handling and outstanding features.

It is difficult to say what is the best choice for you. Each brand has specific characteristics and properties. If you mainly adheres to a perfect finish and state of the art frame, then you tend to look at the well-known brands. In addition, you can get the final assembly in time, of course, adjusted to your preference. When you are looking for a decent bike with a balance outstanding features at a reasonable price, then you can choose one from the new brands.

The main booschap we want to give here is that a more expensive bike is not necessarily better. As you can see, the choice of a particular brand highly depends on your needs

Especially Bulls and Cube are known for their good value (very nice equipment, good fork, etc.) at a relatively low price. A mountain bike brand like Cannondale and Specialized is a lot higher.


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