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Coleman tent: cheap camping tent to choose

Coleman Products Inc. is a company founded in 1995 which main activity is the distribution and marketing of products from Coleman, Campingaz and Sevylor brand in Spain and Portugal. It all began in 1900. William C. Coleman Young raised funds and completed the last year of law school and began selling lamps, before settling in what is now Kingfisher, Oklahoma, the United States. As he had vision problems, some of his comrades had read his exams, until he found in the window of a pharmacy in Alabama, a lamp that changed the course of his life. With this light, he could read tiny letters printed on the medicine boxes. Today, the Campingaz brand is present on the market for over 60 years, enjoying a significant reputation. Camping equipment and Coleman equipment is characterized for being very light, innovative and reliable and cheap camping tent. It is intended for all adventure sports. The Coleman tent is known and appreciated for many years in the world of camping.

Features camping tents and Coleman tent

A campaign tent is a small portable home of Arab, to be placed on land to accommodate one or more persons. A campsite is a place where several tents are installed with other facilitated for the accommodation of persons. The action set up a tent to stay a while is called camping. Usually, we camp or you go camping for several reasons: the night, resting, feeding, shelter or natural elements as a meeting place, among others.

Coleman tent camping equipment specialist

There are several types of tents. We can distinguish those 2 sides: the geometry is simple; they have two walls, one front and one rear, that front views form an isosceles triangle with the ground. They bear the name of Canada because they were made famous by the Canadian army. The most common are hexagonal or igloo, they look like a hemisphere. And finally, the rectangular ones which are generally larger and are equipped with a roof 2 slopes to prevent accumulation of rain. The features to consider when choosing a camping tent are: the ability of people, how much and what seasons, easy assembly and disassembly, geometry, portability (weight and volume) price. Here are some of the items offered by the Coleman brand as the best cheap tents for sale.:

Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 4

This tent is excellent, very quick and easy to erect and very spacious.


Product Code:A305310

Mark: Coleman

Dimensions:480 x 315 x 217 cm

material: Roof: Polyester 185 T, PU coated 4000 mm.

Room: Breathable polyester

Floor: PE 140g / m² PE 110g / m².

Poles: steel.

specifications: Rooms: 2x (215 x 140 x 205) cm.

Package size: 80 x Ø 43 cm.

Weight: 25 kg.

Coleman Tent Weekend 2

Quick and easy to assemble, the tent Weekend 2 Coleman is perfect for going out for camping and for campers who want to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the sun, the domed tent 2 spot Weekend Coleman offers a comfortable space with a large interior height.

For this tent, Weekend 2 COLEMAN selected to a dome structure for quick and easy installation and taking up minimal space a, that the grand ideal weekend as a campground in small hike.

Specifications of the tent camping Weekend 2 by COLEMAN:

– Shell: Polyester ultra-resistant to water column 2000mm PU coating and UV coating

– Welded Couture accolades for maximum tightness

– Fabric inside the chamber part (rainfly): Polyester breathable equipped with mosquito net

– Floor: PE 120 g / m2 resistant 5000 mm water column, ultra-tight undeniable advantage the ultra solid mat by Coleman, not afraid mounting the tent on hard surface and reassembled avoided any water in the tent

– Reinforcement of the tent: Fiberglass sheathed, aluminum junctions

– Dimensions folded in carrying bag: 13 x 55 cm

– Dimensions of the tent Indoor 2.3 m², 0.8 m² storage

– Weight: 2.7 Kg

– Delaying combustion in case of fire

– Complete Tent supplied with carrying bag and accessories

All of those tents which are recommended above have a reasonable price ( one is more than 300 euros for a large and modern and the other is only 60 euros ). Moreover, you will find a full range to find a Coleman tent and canopies and party tents. Enjoy cheap camping tent with a good quality offered by Coleman!


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