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Guide: How to choose power wheels according to your child’s age?

There is nothing more fun than having the opportunity to control a vehicle. However, with so many options of power wheels for kids on the market, in the end, we do not know what to decide. Therefore, this guide, will show you How to choose a power wheel according to your child’s age.

5 Tips for choosing power wheels for your Child

Apply these 5 tips and you can have the dream car insurance:

Durability: Think if the car you want is for extreme fun, for a while. Obviously, the idea is that if you buy quality the duration of your car will be better. Besides, look at the type of plastic from which it is made, if it is assembled from many moving parts which are things that in the future maybe separate in a few days.

Capacity: This is thought about the kind of car you want, not only for 1 child if that would be a car or for two children, if two – seat. Some, either pedal or electric can bring a stroller or a cargo box, a trunk, etc., to carry things like toys. Tractors types bring this type of accessories like an implement.

Ease of Use: It will depend on the age of your child, some only bring a march, others bring 2 steps forward, 1 reverse, brake, etc. Think what is easier for your child and not complicated. For that, we also think of an Electric power wheel RC or remote control. With this, the child will just have to get on, and you’ll control all the functions push and turn the car.

Style: This will depend a lot on whether you want 3 wheels, 4 wheel, pedals or electric power wheels. Let the child choose what he likes.

Cost: Ultimately, an important factor when choosing. Also, organize your budget according to the age of your child; it is not the same as buying a car pedal tricycle to a child of 2 years, a super electric car with 2 gears forward, 1 step back, and truck type and without remote control. The same 2-year old who cannot even get into the car and he will not be able to handle. You waste your money on something you cannot use immediately. Or rather an expensive car that breaks easily when your child wants to go down slopes like on small mountains of earth.

What are the benefits of driving a power wheel?

The most obvious answer might seem the fact that is just for fun. However, depending on the type of child car, you will be promoting some inherent ability or reinforcing some needed. When children begin to drive a car, you may acquire the following skills.

Motor Development: A vital aspect of any growing child. This is tied to your age, and all the basic driving process is gained as they grow. Tools like power wheels toys help them develop motor coordination, synchronization of upper and lower limbs. For this, the vehicles or prams of any kind will be perfect to increase those skills. That inclusive will improve your child’s reflexes and balance.

Exercise: your child will increase his physical strength, both in strength and muscle strength. The Children’s Cars foot type, are perfect to accomplish this mission. Besides, if he is a child who does not like to go out, this is the perfect excuse to be outdoors.

Perceptive and increase Sensory Development: as these help the child perceives changes in speed, wind, noise approaching or receding. It is all that has to do with the senses and the environment. It helps them to perceive visual depth to identify if there are potholes or obstacles on the road.

Self – confidence and Responsibility: By the mere fact that he has to drive, he knows he must do it so carefully, as your life and your vehicle may be affected if you make bad decisions when driving. For a child, the car will help him understand that if you do not know how to drive, not only have fun, but there will be consequences. Teach him to be careful and respect minimum standards, as the car hit people or obstacles. This will also help to have more self – confidence and take responsibility for their actions.


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