Buying a tent is quite difficult. Where should you look for? Which materials and herring?

Last year we wanted to go camping (we have done) but had at that time no tent yet. Whatever tent you are going to buy and where tired you look for?

– How many people go with it … and you like some more space?

– A tent for three people is actually for two people better.

– Which is the best family tent?

– Want cabins and how much? Want the kids separately?

– Do you go to a hot country or a cold country?

– Are you planning to relocate many of you stay all the time in the same place?

– Does the weight does not matter if he has to bring in the backpack?

– Material

The space

At holiday you would expect in a hot country you’re going to spend a lot of time outside the tent, and consequently, the living space does not have to be so big. Are you planning to camp in the Netherlands for example, then what large living room feel fine the next time you need to take shelter in the tent with another rainstorm?
The sleeping cabins are available in different sizes.

They go from 75 cm width for one person … .Heb you the luxury and the opportunity then I would go for more space per person. Especially when it’s hot, you do not like to lie on each other. (And I sleep wildlife remember?). You go to a hot country? Then a tent that holds more heat it better.



You have lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight cotton. The light is excellent for hikers tents, and heavier is often used for inflatable tents. The benefit of cotton is that it breathes. Therefore at high temperature remains what better living environment. The downside is that cotton is a lot heavier than plastic tents. In wet weather, it takes a long time before the cloth is dry.


Cheaper tents are often made of polyester. You have lightweight and heavyweight polyester. Polyester is an adamant material that is also to make water and windproof. A disadvantage is that it does not breathe. The temperature in the tent can thus reach nicely.


Very light material and therefore useful for people with the backpack. It just barely breathing thereby and boiling in the tent.

Combi cloth

The good qualities of the two materials are combined and so you will Krieg, e.g., a combination of cotton and polyester.
These tents are more expensive. Are even longer wet after a shower but have a better quality of life by breathing the canvas.

But we are not there yet. You have many different models tents.

The tunnel tent

Many interior spaces, storm resistant and easy to put on

Vis-a-vis tent

  • Easy to set up.
  • The cabins sit opposite each other.


  • Stable construction crossed arch pieces.
  • Lots of space and storm-proof.

Pop up tent.

  • Slightly more cumbersome to set up.
  • Offers plenty of space.
  • Usually made of cotton and heavy.

Pyramid tent

  • Little sticks and high.
  • Made of cotton and easy to set up.

Inflatable tent.

The name says it got the poles though you normally .where are now air jobs that you pump. Storm-proof and easy to set up.

Opgooitent (pop up tent)

This tent is in 2 seconds … You throw him, and he shoots hop in the form.

Securing tent? Which Herring

  • Wooden peg in sandy/loose surface
  • Snow … Herring. Snow
  • Semicircular herring. Soft soil, grass, heather (most used). Also available in polyethylene bar for backpackers.
  • Pegs for rock and stone soils ..Veel different types available.
  • Ground pins to put them firmly on the ground cloth and tent


There are very many variations on all pegs.

But for normal conditions are usually just used the round pegs, If you want to buy a tent marketplace. Then pay close attention. It is best to go and see the place although you sometimes must have faith in humanity

Some shelters are offered under the same name and are available in cotton and polyester performance which is very price. It may, therefore, vary with the provider. Always pay attention to what kind of material it is! Furthermore, so keep an eye on how much weighs a tent.

Good luck! For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


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