After analyzing in detail all the features and materials in a tent, it is the turn to decide which are essential in the store that wish to acquire and which are secondary. Weigh all the factors to find a right balance between them, getting an almost perfect shop purchase for my needs. Then we try to help resolve all doubts about the most important aspects that you have to evaluate before purchasing your tent. It í recommended to opt for the best backpacking tent

How easy is mounting? How many anchors?

The ease and speed of installation are important if we have to pitch the tent in adverse conditions, whether snow, rain or the wind since we spend as little time as possible in assembly to protect us from temporal and to pick it up and continue the march. The type of rods, winds, pegs and ceiling make construction much more comfortable or, conversely, become tedious.

This choice is usually not the most important because the vast majority of tents for use in the mountain (no camping) are designed for a relatively quick assembly. However, a couple of features that could be reviewed when choosing our store would be, first, check the number of picks that are required for proper installation. Consider the terrain on the mountain is not as soft nor uniform in a campsite. Therefore, the more ice axes, the longer it take to assembly and more likely to fail when to stick some on the ground. And, as we have already warned, correct assembly and tensioning of the store is essential to work well in inclement weather. Not worth to leave 1 to 2 pegs without nailing, with a mere stone as a means of tensioning the canvas, as the wind and water eventually entering the interior. Remember that incorrect assembly and tensioning of the store can cause the double roof (which supports water and the wind) ends in contact with the interior ceiling, transferring from one to another moisture and rain and finally entering the inside of the store.

Similarly, carefully read the manufacturer’s installation instructions. In all the tents, and especially the mountain, any element, rope or zipper has a much-needed function. For example, under the canvas roof usually find a small cords or cables whose role is essential. These are tied to rodding, so securing the art correctly impossible that the wind-deformed or run the roof to either side. In parallel, the outside has some rings or holes through which to pass the winds. These are strings that, as its name suggests, serve to increase the tension significantly and to fix the outer roof, preventing distorting wind. The main advantage with this is that we win at any time outside roof will come into contact with the interior, making it unlikely that water seeping into our cabin.

Another factor that in my opinion is not the most important but perhaps ye may consider is the system of fixing the outer roof and bedroom. Some stores carry a system in which the rods are passed through sheaths sewn canvas, distributing stress points along the entire canvas. However, other stores carry a set of clips or hooks, making assembly but creating pressure points in fabrics (but often these points are reinforced at the seams). Maybe yes you please pay more attention to the form or order of assembly. There are shops where you should start assembling the cabin or dorm, upon which after the outer ceiling mount. The main drawback of this system is that more time is exposed to inclement weather if we catch a sudden storm. The other system used by other stores is first to assemble the outer canvas with a corresponding rodding, can then take shelter under the same inside and ride more relaxed.

Therefore, Look back the store has a relatively straightforward and rapid assembly (with a flurry of unexpected can finish completely soaked in the 3-4 minutes it takes us to get and set up the tent for shelter), and try the number of anchors the floor is minimized without sacrificing stability and resistance to external agents shop. As for the rest, they are secondary aspects in which each will have their preferences.

How much money can I spend?

Before the money to invest in a tent can not say anything. Once we determined the characteristics we look we will have to investigate and analyze the tents offered by each manufacturer and compare between them to get a good price/quality ratio. However, even the richest person in the world would have difficulty choosing one tent to cover all your needs, then, just does not exist. Of course, the more money we have, the more likely we buy from shops: one for every need, situation or condition. For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


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