What to bring to the campsite?

You head off this year at the campground, but you do not know what exactly you need to pay? Many people have this problem. Once on the site, you are your flashlight, toilet paper, and / or gas cylinder forgotten. By making a holiday list and also the camping food list, this issue is history!

You put your tent, and you can start the weekend. Read a book in your camp chair while your kids are playing soccer, badminton or swimming are. It sits along again, and you have a fun time with fellow campers. Cozy with the neighbors BBQ ‘and or sit around the fire. In short, your vacation is exactly or maybe even better than you expected beforehand. You are namely providing all the comforts that you have prepared yourself so well in advance to make a packing list.

It is the most obvious things you often forget. You have there thought about the bowling balls, playing cards, spreads, Entertaining hammock and mosquito spray, but the sleeping bag for your youngest child is there to put away. Annoying because now you have to buy a new expensive sleeping bag unnecessarily again at the grocery store. By making a packing list, you do not have this problem. You can be as stress get the most out of your holiday.

What’s your ideal tent?

When you go camping for the first time, whether it be with friends, with your partner or with your family, it is first important to find out which tent is the most suitable to carry. Because it may seem simple, but there are so many different models and possibilities that sometimes the trees to see the forest. Here are some tips, and the main differences between tents in a row.

Who are you going with on vacation?

If you answered extended this question for yourself will reduce the opportunities regarding tents quickly. Namely, you go for two? Then a small dome quite suitable. Want to sleep in the tent with more than two people or with small children. Then a tunnel tent may be more convenient. It is useful to pay attention to the length of the tent and the one who has to sleep in it. Hold on, someone who is more than 1m80 needs at least a tent length of 2.10m, so that he or she is not with his toes or forehead touches the inside fabric of the tent.

What type of vacation?

When you are doing a trek, it is, of course, wise to choose a tent that is not too heavy, because you will carry everything on your back with. If you want to stay longer in one place, it is just advisable to choose a slightly larger tent. For example, you go for two? Choose a three-person tent. That way you can quickly lose your belongings in the inner tent, which can increase the comfort of living. It is perhaps so sweet to buy a tent canopy or awning, so you can sit dry when it rains, without directly down on your airbed. You go with small children away, consider a large ‘habitat.’ For this purpose, the tunnel tent or a large dome tent is suitable because they have a relatively large front tent.

Weather forecast

Look at picking out your tent to the climate of the place where you go camping. Is it predicted much rain? Then choose a tent which you can add any accessories, such as a tent with the edge. That way, you reduce the chance that your entire vacation (literally) falls into the water. Or when you just need a sunny destination is a tarp or canopy no luxury, allows you easily create a shaded area.

Types of tents

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of tents. Here are the four most important.


This tent has the shape of an igloo: it is a hemisphere (often) a small awning. They are well suited for use in areas where it can be stormy. Also, they can be moved fitted, which can be very practical in the design.

Tunnel Tent

This tent is suitable for more than two people. He can not be set up without stakes, and that the arch poles are parallel to each other, you often have a large living area. So very suitable for families.

Hybrid Tent

The place to be for a trek. It is a small tent which is capable of rapidly and, moreover, very light. The hybrid tent is often compact, so there is no or hardly any awning.

Inflatable tent

The simpler you do not get it: the tent has (at least) two crossed air jobs which, when inflated, can bear the whole place. He is very fast, and you easily hide again, ideal if you want to call different places on your holiday. They are also available in various sizes.

There are thus several possibilities, of which only a few are highlighted here. But the most important, so you’re going camping plan? Follow these tips that make it hopefully just a little easier choice. For further information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


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