That is not easy, pick a new tent. Which cheap camping tents suit us? What is the best material? Where should you look for? And, how do you go back there without trial camping out in tents all?

Which place?

So we went Googling. Internet search. Finally, there can find everything, even over tents. Soon we arrived at the Viva forum (which tent?) And we saw pictures passage of models that we had never seen before. Okay, you have to know how many people and how many seasons you want to use the tent. Logical. We saw tents with soaking tubs, full dining, and seating and canopy beds. That was the Glamping department, as it turned out. Glamorous and camp brought together. Seems great and you can make great pictures in any case. Especially if it is a bit dark and you work with candles and oil lamps or wood fire. We were also somewhat longer than intended. After not too long followed the first sigh: “Boy, there are say many different brands.” And when someone typed in the bar at the question that we wanted to answer: “Which tent fits your family.” In this way, we came to the tents Eureka, where they turn since 1895 tents. Lots of information and lots of tents. We found them to be a good girl and went with this name further.

When we arrived it just so happens that we needed some more camping gear. It seemed convenient to have to figure this out from everywhere, but just looking at one address. And call us old-fashioned, but we first want to see the stuff really and have had in our hands. So only one picture was not enough. The answer to the question “where?” Was also found quickly. The store with the largest outdoor range also revealed Eureka tents! To sell. 40 stores he is never far away. In our case, even just in their city, our never really that store Beaver noticed. Although there is an extensive choice of tents, we already know which model we want to Eureka! Now only find a little time to deal with all his test lie. But this is going to be fixed quite right.


Which tent will you buy and where you need to take into account?

-How Many people go with it, and you like more space?

-Would You sleeping cabins and how much? Do you want the children separately?

-Are You planning a lot to relocate or stay all the time in the same place? If you are planning for a longer period
on to stand in a location is not bad if you work half a day building the tent.

-Allows not the weight or requires the tent in a backpack?

-What Kind of stuff?

When a vacation in a warm country, you can expect that you are going to spend much time outside the tent, and consequently the living space does not have to be so big. But do you plan to camp in the Netherlands for example then a larger living space be fine if you have a rain shelter in the tent?

All questions and things to think about after you are planning to buy a tent for an excellent camping. At Linberg course, we are always ready for a good and sound advice! Feel free to visit our store in Molenschot!

The size of the tent

Are you alone, as a couple or more? Pull your heading with or without the kids? Note the size of your tent! A solo tent to a group tent for up to nine people; the offer is huge. Single tents are often made for lightweight campers and look so usually minuscule and primary to save weight. Family tents are made up of several rooms and tent (s), where even entire camp kitchens can be installed.

There are three aspects that are relevant to the dimensions of your tent:

1. The size of the sleeping area should be adapted to your body size, but also the width of your sleeping mats (often 50 cm wide). Lightweight tents are often sleeping areas smaller than occasional tents. In some lightweight double tents broader mats can therefore no longer lie next to each other. Keep this in mind and test it out in the store Vrijbuiter.

2. The height of the sleeping area must be sufficient to be able to sit upright, especially near the entrance. Some tents have or a large size, but the sloping walls still give a cramped feeling quickly.

3. The size of your canvas is determined by the inner tent you use. Therefore, it is always wise to learn if you choose, for example, an inner tent curtains. Come and visit our shop to see the different options and see what you prefer.

For more information,visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/



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