Camping on the beach is excellent. It is ideal for the adventurous plan, as the tents do not offer many amenities. However, they give us the opportunity to feel the sand and the sound of the sea and enjoy the sunsets from a privileged place.

In our country, we have an extensive and beautiful coastline that offers sandy beaches, stones, surrounded by rocks or vast areas of sand where every year hundreds of visitors arrive, especially on long holidays such as Easter and Independence Day. The beach camping area is big enough for 10 person tents

There are beaches for all tastes. In some, you can swim in calm waters, in others, you can surf towering waves. Our sea also has different temperatures. The Humboldt Current makes the waters are usually cold, except the north, under the influence of the current reports a few degrees warmer.

For you enjoy camp on the beach, consider these tips:

1. Find out. Find out about the place you plan to go. Nothing better than the advice of someone who knows how well to know what to bring and what precautions you should take to make the most of your stay. Find out about the tides and weather changes. Make sure the beach is easily accessible, so you can withdraw quickly if a mishap happens.

2. Attention to safety. Some people prefer to go to hidden beaches, where there is no settlement near (restaurants, hotels, medical centers, etc.). This is not recommended if you are a small group, because if they have forgotten or need something is always good to have where to turn.

3. Rules and permissions. Who would not want to light a campfire or take your pet to the family outing? However, we can not always do it. You should ask if you need any special permission because many places have restrictions and rules as visitors must comply.

4. Required equipment. In addition to the tent and sleeping bags, which take the camp it will depend on the level of comfort you want to have. You can visit specialty shops or search online portals to see what things you need, such as umbrella, grill, portable table, cooler, etc. Make a list so you do not forget anything.

Please note that the more things carry more weight smash. And in some cases, to reach the place where you will camp have to make a long walk.

5. Food. It takes the necessary to cook and eat. Kitchen foil if an open fire, it helps that the food is cooked evenly. Also, bring plenty of water, it never hurts.

6. Care. Do not forget the sunscreen and first aid kit. If you go in cold weather, remember to wear warm clothes. Also, bring a flashlight, compass, and a map. Being cautious is never more!

7. Cleaning. Carrying garbage bags, to stop them clean the place.

8. Do not contaminate. For no reason pollute the beach. Before putting the tent in place, be sure to have a bathroom nearby. Many establishments rent them to visitors.

9. Nurture. On the beaches of Peru, especially in the Bay of Paracas and some of the north, there is a danger of being stung by a stingray. If you are going to any of these places, it is best to use closed rubber sneakers and enter the water dragging feet to scare them away. If any itches, it is advisable to wash thoroughly with water and soap, suck out the venom and bandaging to be seen by a doctor.

When you get to the beach:

  • Tent located not so close to the shore. At night the sea usually stronger and water extends to more places from the beach. Arma carp in an area where the sand is dry and, just in case, build a trench in front of the tents, to prevent water arrives.
  • Install the tent in an entirely flat area. Before doing so, remove stones, shells or other objects that may bother them when they are inside the tent. The flatter the area, the more comfortable will.
  • Take the opportunity to get up early and enjoy the fresh morning air. Also, enjoy the moment when the sun sets. It’s one of the nicest things you can do on a beach camp!
  • Leave everything clean. If you want to continue enjoying the beaches, you must take care.

You will see that these tips the whole family will walk unforgettable! For more tips, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


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