You go for the first time camping with a caravan. The trailer you purchase now, but you also like an awning at. Or maybe you’ve been going for years and camping is your tent after all these years need replacing. Both situations are a good reason for buying a new tent. But how do you choose from the wide range of materials, depths, colors and now marks the tent that best suits your way of camping? We help you on your way, so you do once again see the trees through the forest.

To make a good choice in that forest for tents, the most important question: “How do you want to camp?” Go once a year, three to four weeks in the summer holidays? If you opt for a permanent place where your tent throughout the season or maybe even leave the whole year? Whether you go there often for a few days, but then just at different campsites? Are you looking for the best 4 person tent? For each way of camping, you can directly find a suitable tent.

Tent for summer vacation

You go in the summer a few weeks at a time on vacation or at least in the warmer months? Whether you often run a shorter period off, but you need enough space to store your belongings or to sit comfortably on itself? Then a caravan tent is a good solution for you. We have in our range of different tents tent materials.
If you go for a summer tent, check whether the material designation, the following condition: Ten Cate All Season, roof and walls WR 18 WR 17. Ten Cate All Season is available in different thicknesses. This thinner Ten Cate canvas is ideal for summer tents, because by the reduced weight of the fabric, less weight to carry around. The material also ensures a condenser climate in your tent. To ‘save’ more weight, you can instead of Ø 25 mm frame that is supplied, buy an aluminum frame at an additional cost (in 25 or 28 mm). You can also opt for an additional secure system with clips instead of screws, so-called quick frame or PowerGrip frame.

Season tent

You want the tent to stand longer, for example, because you have a season spot? Then the thicker quality Ten Cate All Season high for you. You recognize this quality with the following title: Ten Cate All Season roof and walls WM 19 WR 18. The inside of the ceiling is printed with a condensate-reducing print and is considerably thicker than the lighter Ten Cate quality. A tent of PVC is an option as a seasonal shelter. PVC tent you can even use throughout the year. Read the pros and cons of the PVC piece 4-season tent.

We recommend that you always, when you’re not at the camp, to ventilate the tent extra good. This is done by the draft skirt and the flap wheel to remove or otherwise roll. Also, it is also important to ventilate in the ridge. If you awning ‘only’ want to use as a seasonal tent, you realize that the quality of life in a tent Ten Cate All Season is a lot more pleasant than in a PVC tent, because Ten Cate All Season is a condenser. Also, it is in a Ten Cate All Season-tent much lighter than in a PVC-tent because of the ‘dense’ PVC-cloth.

Because you are not always at the campsite in the season, it’s a good idea to consolidate your season tent with storm rods and roof bars to prevent possible water pockets. Preferably choose a steel frame. Steel is heavier than aluminum, and your tent stands firmly with a steel frame. Building a tent Ten Cate All Season is easier than a PVC tent.

4-season tent

Want to enjoy all year long, from January to December of the camping life, you can not avoid an awning that is both inside and outside PVC-coated. Thus, the tent can withstand winter conditions include, March almost unheard of rain and bright summer sun. In this type of venting, the tent is of great importance because PVC is not breathing. The tents which are suitable for the whole year, the PSC is on the outside and the inside and is very sensitive to condensation. An advantage of a PVC tent is then that may constitute a mold through the material, which Ten Cate All Season can happen if you are not properly ventilated. The advantage of a PVC-tent is that it is easy to clean.

Some PVC tents in our range: the Onyx 240, the Sorrento 240, the 275 Arola, Provence 275 and 350 Geneva have window flaps to protect the window film. Take a look at the category of winter awnings. There you will find some PVC tents.

Compared to a tent Ten Cate All Season is a PVC awning dark and thereby as a ‘journey tent not recommended. Regarding the structure of the tent, you should make quite some trouble with a PVC tent to get the roof fixed, because PVC is harder Ten Cate All Season. It is a must to strengthen additional PVC tent with storm rods and rafter poles to prevent water. We recommend you to take a steel frame Ø 28 mm with a PVC tent.

Tent for short trips

Love going several times a year for a few days, then you do not travel too dark. You can also find it probably also handy that you can quickly build your tent. In that case, it is a lightweight tent for a right choice. Such awning fit you easily and rapidly. If you practiced a little, you got it set up within 20 minutes. In the next blog, we will discuss the lightweight universal or awnings.

How would you like camping and what requirements you set in your tent? Let us know on http://www.familytentcenter.com/


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