The right location

If you plan to use the party tents for sale for your party, then you should consider when choosing a location for some things.

  • Look for a firm ground (not sand or other more mobile bases)
  • Pay attention to sufficient parking space for the party tent (even that may tension lines have to be taken)
  • Note any weather pages Build (looking where possibly can wind coming or as the sun moves. Set up after the side parts/receipt of)
  • Environment and neighbors (party tents are not insulated against the volume and noise. Therefore watch that enough distance from any neighbors if there is but louder)
  • Electricity and water supply (a power supply near or can also a possibly required water supply be placed?)
  • What does the lawn of after mining? Those who want to preserve this can use special floor plates (analogous to concerts in football stadiums) that protect the park.

What should I consider in setting up and dismantling

Depending on how large the party tent is, you need one or more assistants to set up and dismantling. Even with a folding tent to help make better. At the latest when it comes to it, set up the skeleton of the tent, it is better to have a helping hand. Look at least the first structure, the guide in advance and look whether all the parts are not (yet) as needed.

Always ensure to build your tent so, holding that it was the wind and weather. Therefore, always select a firm surface and the drill well lashed down (by hook or linen).

Tents are Greater than 72 square meters (base), may be erected only by so-called tent masters in Germany. All materials such tents must be fire-resistant, and it should only be installed where it can also be anchored firmly in the ground.

To build on private land, you need no regulatory approval in the typical case for the construction. It (also possibly in warehouse tents that remain longer) is recommended to take a look at the building regulations of your state with larger party tents. Here you should see “flying construction” for the keyword. There are quite even legal rules which state that a license is required by the regulatory agency for a party tent larger than 75 square meters, or whom the tent is longer than three months.

Accessories and equipment for your party tent

The range of accessories is now plentiful. It goes through different side walls (small or without windows), roof covers, awning, room dividers, storm protection, lighting, and heating. Here you have to look, what you want to buy extra if necessary or at least better just want to rent.

What would then have everything to facilities tent is up to you. Classic is the beer set comprising beer benches and beer table (there are now low in the construction market as a set). But are also modern heaters (gas or open flame), mobile bars, comfortable seating areas with a coffee or for catering mobile kitchens and buffet lines. But it does not always have the professional equipment. Much of what is already in use for the garden/balcony (tables, chairs, etc.), of course, you can also utilize in the party tent.

A few more tips for your party tent

Finally, a few tips that should help you in dealing with your party tent and ensure that you have in mind joy long.

  • Allow to dry properly before packing the tent, after dismantling, always the party tent (trailer). Never wrap damp or wet. Mold stains are then guaranteed.
  • Plane every now and damp (lukewarm soapy water) wipe to avoid dirt and stains. There are also special creams and impregnations for party tents (DIY).
  • Heater never uses in a tent (there are special radiator/fan), also can catch celebration otherwise quickly melt the tarpaulin by the heat of the radiator or.
  • Check tension lines regularly whether these are still fully operational and are not torn. Always spare with you.
  • When storing the party tent nothing serious questions on it. It may otherwise bend the rod and thus make the tent unusable.

So, we hope you have now gained an insight into the world of party tents. If you would like to set you one, they watch ahead and let yourself in Specialists advise (z. H. gardening and DIY). There are also in every major city now also event organizers, who rent tents and such can recommend you especially well. For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


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