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A Good Mattress For A Good Sleep

You can meet all the requirements to have a good rest and still wake up with the body bruised. One of the most common causes of this is the mattress. Therefore, in this article, we will reveal what materials of the mattress to choose to ensure your rest, and how to keep your mattress in the best condition. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.

Choose a good mattress

Natural Materials

What material is the most suitable for your mattress? For the dream of an ideal bed, we recommended mattresses that made from natural products. Highlights include horsehair, cotton, flax, and wool. Now, you can lie down and review what has been done during the day, as a film viewer in the most relaxed bed and wait for a deep sleep to come. In spite of not being a natural material, the air mattress is now popular for its excellent characteristics.



One of the most common mattresses is the steel or spring mattress. It is an advanced technology that steel once received its form in the spiral, is heat treated to achieve height and configuration. Each coil is individually installed in their respective bag. Thus, each part of the mattress completely independently interacts with every part of the body, which in turn, prevents movements perceived by the person resting next. To a large extent, they are the elasticity, moldability, and resistance of the springs that determine the quality of sleep and rest. The system with special patented spring heat treatment provides a very pleasant surface softness, comfortable download to the bottom of the bed and, ultimately, better adaptability and comfort and the feeling of floating. ”


It is highly prized for its strength, elasticity, and absorption capacity. The dense linen mattress is extremely durable and flexible, reduce production and dissipates static electricity.


The down filling mattress, with proven natural efficiency, provides a dry environment and a pleasant temperature throughout the year. Ii insulates and keeps the heat produced by the body and let sweat exude naturally.


It is a natural material that offers both heating and cooling effects. It is preferable to use the pure wool mattress. Moreover, wool is a must-have component for the bedroom because it regulates the temperature of the bed and provides a suitable level of comfort. Keep in mind that the human skin continuously transpires. Even though we are not aware of being sweating, we are humidifying the air close to our skin. Wool wicks away moisture, helping to keep the bedding dry and at a proper temperature. Researchers have stated that our sleep is deeper on a bed of wool. They have also found that the beating of our heart is more rhythmic and we change positions less frequently during the night.

Pine tree

The frame of this kind of mattress is made of solid pine. All wooden beams of the racks are nailed on strong outer beams embedded in grooves. With this method, optimal stability, strength – a key benefit in terms of comfort is achieved. The bed is very quiet. The sound of the movement is only be heard if you sleep together.


At night the human body perspires, and there are people who sweat a lot. Horsehair material has a drying capacity. Through the hollow, horsehair transports moisture so quickly that if it gets wet with water, after being shaken, it will be virtually dry.


It has a great ability to remove sweat and high humidity. The night sweats consists of 98% water, which evaporates easily on a base and a bed to breathe. A mattress consists of 35% cotton and 65% wool is highly recommended.


Mattress maintenance

Which is certainly not less important than the mattress to get a deep sleep is its maintenance. Young and old people are always complaining of back pain after sleeping. Despite the recommended hours of sleep, still, you wake up tired? You do not rest well despite following all the recommendations indicated in mass media? If that is the case, the chances are that your mattress is not the right one or it is too old. According to the Association of Bed, most people sleep on too old mattresses. Mattress must be replaced very 12.6 years on average according to experts. However, the common figure is around ten years, as is reflected in a study by the Bedding Industries Association. While it is true that the quality of the mattress also determines its duration, it is advisable to keep in mind a few tips to keep them in good condition, as the Association of Bed notes.

What to do? Ventilate every day. It is best to ventilate your bed for 5 to 10 minutes (and with the window open if possible) before bed. Turn the mattress at least four times a year, from left to right and from head to toe. Cleaning a mattress is difficult, so the best option is to protect it and always use a breathable 100% cotton cover. Also, if you can, it is preferable to use a cover that leaves the bottom of the mattress outside, for proper aeration of the entire bedding. Clean it with a vacuum mattress surface, every two weeks if possible. It ensures that at least part of the mites and particles accumulated leave. Before buying, it is advisable to test the mattresses, bases and pillows simulating the positions that are adopted to sleep. In the case of couples, it is advisable to consider the occupied spaces and consider freedom of movement so that interference will not occur during sleep. Always change the mattress every ten years at maximum. After that, the conditions of firmness and original hygiene have changed and not only provide its function properly. It could even be harmful to health.

What not to do? It is not advisable to clean the mattress dry or soak the upholstery rest. Nor is it advisable to use baking soda or other chemicals that can damage the surface and even penetrate into layers inside and deface them. The old practice of hitting the mattress to release the accumulated dust and dead cells is not recommended for modern equipment that could be damaged. Never bend or fold a mattress (except articulated mats), even for a short time, as it will damage the irreversibly. Do not place sharp or heavy objects on the mattress. Although the mattress seems an ideal surface for supporting furniture, this could cause irreparable damage. The mattress is designed to rest, not to jump on it. Do not use the mattress on the basis that does not cover at least 60% of its surface or is in poor condition. Never use tables between the mattress and bed base, that can reduce the life of the mattress and even invalidate the warranty terms.

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