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My dog gets dizzy in the car. What do I do?

A dog dizzy in the car is more common than you can imagine. It is more widespread among young dogs than in adults. This is a reaction that affects one in six pets and can be exasperating for the driver, given that the animal accompanying you can spend the whole trip throwing up every few minutes.

Now, there is no solution? If we are prone to coping with motion sickness dog in the car, we can not take them to travel with us ever?

First, you must find the cause of these vomiting, which as we said, are a reaction that can be caused by speed or anxiety. If this is the first scenario, the animal (especially the young) is behaving like humans when a speeding generates a collision between the inner sight and hearing, causing an imbalance between them. In contrast, anxiety is usually due to a bad previous experience when getting into a vehicle or, quite simply, a lack of experience with them.

In both cases, there are a lot of things to see how they are familiar with a car. If the first trip is mounted to one, being puppy vomits, it is very likely that since then associate the trip with a bad experience, and therefore it is repeated on future trips. If we not correct it in time, the dog may be in panic even only to see cars, worsening dizziness and vomiting. Meanwhile, it can also have anxiety if all times, it has been mounted on a vehicle has been to go to the vet or other unpleasant places for him. Stress, anxiety, and fear are very much interlinked. And dizziness and vomiting are a direct consequence of that relationship.


But you may establish the habit directly when the dog is small and not familiar with bad experiences.

Do not miss the stage in which the animal develops and discovers things around him to bring them up to a car. It may mean that the first time you do it is much easier than when the animal becomes an adult and can be aware of what surrounds. Imagine the anxiety that can mean for him. His brain has already developed.

The easiest way to detect the car sickness is to see how it gets into the car. If it’s quiet, and suddenly vomits without more signs, it will be a physical reaction, motivated by speed. In that case, there are several specific for the pet medications, so a visit to the vet may be key in solving the problem.

If due to trauma, the thing is already more tricky, since a dog to associate a drive with negative concepts can generate such an aversion to begin to get dizzy even before you get to ride on it, undergoing major stress crisis.

To find out if dizziness generates anxiety, you have to know how to detect the clues that our pet is leaving us panting, excessive drooling, restlessness, compulsive movements (lick your lips constantly, tremors), or retching directly, are unmistakable symptoms of that something is wrong. In fact, it is not always a reflection sickness stress of a can to get on a car; other behaviors (barking, overexcitement) also denote an anxiety to take very into consideration so as not to suffer.

Whatever their reactions are, what is clear is that anxiety should be lowered. Try to change the negative association with positive stimuli gradually make you lose the fear of travel.


How to make your pet feel comfortable in the car?

First of all, a warning: you have to be patient. Getting overcome traumas is not immediate but requires a long and gradual process that begins with our pet trying to become reacquainted with the car. To do this, you must first try to turn on as many times as necessary with the engine off, you become more familiar, to enter and exit, seeing that nothing happens if you do. Leave the doors open, playing with him trying to convince … An effective trick passes belt catch the animal and, without dragging or absolutely nothing forcing the situation, cross the back of the car without looking at him and leaving the doors open at all moment. When you decide to cross on the other side, you will find all the affection necessary to make you feel eager to repeat; then, to take effect achievement, ideally around the car running and repeat as many times as necessary, in the car stopping to rest more time.

After this first contact, it is ideal repeat the operation but this time with the engine running; thus, our friend dissociate noise to negative concepts.

And finally, movement: if we get here, we will have to tread eye to not take all the work overboard. With the dog calmer inside, touches start with the car walks, which are very brief and devoid of any sudden movement. Move up, move, and leave the appliance without anything happening negatively. You can come in handy the help of another person, allowing us to sit with our pet reassuring if somewhat nervous observe it.

There pheromone dispensers that can serve as a last resort if everything fails… But that would be a topic to be discussed with your veterinarian. However, we are confident that it will not be necessary! More tips for caring your pets on petsinlive.com

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